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[[note]] the Queen to the Prince Regent 5th. Sept. 1813 [[/note]] My dearest Son. I do not mean to bore You with a long Letter when You are enjoying Yourself with Your Friends. but I seize the oppurtunity of Count Münsters joyning You, to communicate Copies of Letters between the Dutchess of Leads & me, when I trust that my Conduct will at least prove that I not only make professions but actually do as far as lays in my power follow the rules & directions You gave when Charlotte came in the Country: May You soon receive good news from the Continent is the Dayly wish & Prayers of Your Most affectionnate Mother & Friend Charlotte [[note]] Windsor the 5th/ Septbr/ 1813 [[/note]] [[note]] Count Münster I hear is set off & I therefore send this to [[unclear]] Turner to forward it. [[/note]]