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to Town on purpose to look for more of the Bills which I think must be there, & have taken the Liberty to talk it over with You - For Your Sister where I managed every thing I had only made up what was absolutely Necessary to wear here, & She took [[deletion]] many [[/deletion]] [[addition]] most [[/addition]] Pieces of Silk & Muslin & Lace over to make up in the Fashion they Dress abroad. The Sum You mean to allow must be fixed it cannot be under Six, & perhaps Seven Thousand would not be too much, & Should it come to less it will be more agreable. but I will not flatter You that it well can be. I need not say that if my assistance can be of use I am ready to come forward upon the occasion Provided You have nobody else You should like better to employ, & I should of course be very happy to Consult Charlottes Taste, with a Provyso that these must not be any extra Orders.