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My dearest Son. The fear I have to appear medling where I have nothing to do has kept me Silent hitherto upon a Subject, which tho perhaps trifling in itself now becomes Essential as Charlotte's Marriage is approaching. Namely [[underline]] Her Trousseaux. [[/underline]] It ought to be set about very soon, as every Individual thing must be new, & the Time [[addition]] is but [[/addition]] Short to do it in. I have thought it might perhaps be agreable to give You all the Information possible upon the Subject leaving it for Your Judgement to decide upon the Subject. The Kg Paid for both the Dutchess of Brunswicks & the Queen of Denmarks as well as for that of Your Sisters. The Sum for the latter was Considerably Increased on account of the War & At this present Crisis the Price of every thing is double therefore the Demand for Money must be larger. The manner in which I managed for Your Sister was as follows. By the Kgs leave I sent to Inform the