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Consistent with the line of Conduct which I have felt it My Duty invariably to pursue, and strictly Conformable to the Sentiments which were so strongly Conveyed to My by the King, nothing shall induce Me to depart from them;-- To Your kindness and Affection on every Occasion I owe much, and I cannot afford a Stronger proof of My determination to persist the Resolution I have taken not to receive the Duchess of Cumberland, than by resisting so forcible an Appeal. -- I have already assured You that, so far from being influenced by any personal dislike to Her, I should sincerely rejoice in any Arrangement which may be Calculated to promote Her Interest and Comforts, and I do with truth repent to You My Anxious Wish that these May be amply considered in the Provision to be made by Parliament for the various Branches of Our Family-- I should