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when Egbert succeeding to the West Saxon Throne, united the whole Heptarchy in 823. under His Government. In 835. the 32d. Year of His Reign, the Danes first invaded England in numbers; for we heard before of some few of them being here in 787. He repuls'd them; but returning again they met with a great defeat. The next Prince we think worthy of notice was the Great Alfred Grandson to Egbert; this was one of the best Princes of the Saxon Line, He was perpetually attack'd by the Danes, with whom He at last made Peace, bestowing on them the Kingdom of the East Angles & Essex in Fea; this done He apply'd himself to regulating the various parts of the Government of the Country. What regards His Political labours we have treated of elsewhere, so that we shall confine ourselves here to those branches that more particularly regard our present design. He possess'd great part of England, South Wales had submitted to him before; North Wales, Mercia, &

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