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Norman Neighbours; this they enjoy'd for some time, but allarm'd on a sudden with a report that their old Enemys were preparing for another invasion, they resolv'd with an imprudence unparallel'd in History, to call the Saxons to their assistance. Chap. III. From the arrival of the Saxons to the invasion of the Danes. There was at this time but one considerable Kingdom in Britain call'd Strathcluid, that took in Wales, Cumberland, & the rest of the Country to Galloway, the other parts of Britain were divided into as many Kingdoms as Shires, the Dukedom of Cornwall excepted, that taking in Devon, & part of Somerset, remain'd almost entire to the Norman Conquest. The Saxons had for 150. Years past frequently infested the British Coasts; the Name of these People conveys along with it their original descent springing form the Sacae a Tribe of the Cemerii

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