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Years after, was murder'd by one of His Officers. In the Reign of Valentinian the Northern Nations consisting of the Antient Britons, Picts, & Scots, broke in upon the Roman Settlements in the Southern parts; Swarms also of the Same People that were in Ireland infested the Sea Coast, these were frequently repuls'd; but after the death of Constantius in 414. the Romans despairing of Succour, abandon'd the Isle; this producing the usual incursions of the Calidonians, the Britons made their last applicataion to Etius the Roman Consul in the Year 448. but Attila threatning at that time the Roman Empire, made it impossible for him to assist them; thus abandon'd by the Romans, they had no resource but in their own courage, & by that Supported themselves long after the rest of the Roman Empire in Europe was totally overrun by innundations of barbarous Nations; after many battles with various fortune, they made a peace with their

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