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|||| |----|----|----| |Observations on [[deletion]] Natural History [[/deletion]] [[add]] Insects in general [[/add]]|Page|1. |Linnaus divides Insects into Seven Classes||6. |On Domestick Bees||7. |On Wild Bees||15. |On Wasps||24. |On the Cicada, or Cigale||26. |On Moths||29. |On Spiders||37. |On Crickets||46. |[[add]] On Ichneumon Flies||51. [[/add]] |On the Libella or Dragon Fly||55. |On Frogs||64. |On Toads||74. |On Pucerons or Vine Fretters||80. |On Tenthredos or Saw Flies||86. |On Gnats||92. |On Beetle Flies||112. |On Stag Flies||117. |[[deletion]] On Butterflies||118. [[/deletion]]