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what can be compa [[deletion]] i [[/deletion]] red to the studies of those, who [[deletion]] both study of which, what [[unclear]] compared [[/deletion]] are always enquiring after something which [[deletion]] which always seeks for something which always have [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] has a [[/addition]] tendency to a good & happy life. [[deletion]] Whether [[/deletion]] [[addition]] or whether [[/addition]] they are seeking out the way of being consistently [[deletion]] reason [[/deletion]] virtuous this is [[addition]] [[deletion]] this is [[/deletion]] (either the way, or there [[/addition]] is none by which this can obtain'd: to say that there is no art in the greatest things when even the least are not to be requir'd [[deletion]] since [[unclear]] there is even no small things [[/deletion]] without it, the man who says this is little [[deletion]] that [[unclear]] is little considerate of what he says [[/deletion]] considerate, & errs in the most important [[deletion]] and erring in the greatest things; but if there is [[/deletion]] points; but if there is ^ [[addition]] any disnimine [[/addition]] or training up to [[deletion]] any discipline of virtue, who where those things [[/deletion]] virtue, where shall it be sought for [[deletion]] are sought, when [[unclear]] desire for this sake [[/deletion]] when you shall depart [[unclear]] this method [[deletion]] of [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] But these things, when we [[deletion]] are [[/deletion]] of learning it But [[deletion]] exhorted to Philosophy, we [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] exhort to the [[unclear]] of Philosophy to despite [[unclear]] used to be discussed more accurately; as we have done in a former book. [[deletion]] in an [[unclear]] book [[/deletion]]

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