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complaints of all: that no mans poverty or want of friends excludes him from your house & even chamber, much less from your seat of justice lastly that throughout your whole government nothing passes severe or cruel, that everything is conducted with clemency; gentleness which [[unclear]] [[deletion]] For either [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Because [[/addition]] good or [[deletion]] bad [[/deletion]] [[addition]] evil [[/addition]] arrises to the publick from right or wrong judgments; [[deletion]] of the [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] for this reason [[/addition]] the ^ [[deletion]] such [[unclear]] of the AEgyptian [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Egyptians took particular care of that affair [[/addition]] [[deletion]] good judges [[/deletion]] They chose thirty ^ [[addition]] men [[/addition]] of the best [[deletion]] citizens [[/deletion]] out of their ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] greatest [[/underline]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] for to [[unclear]] the [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] Who seemed to be [[unclear]] neither [[/deletion]] to be inferior to [[unclear]] Areopagus or the [[deletion]] by the assembly of Areopagites nor of the [[/deletion]] Lacedamonian Senate ^ [[addition]] They chose one from a man [[unclear]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] out of [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] themselves, who was the most remarkable for his justice to be their President. An allowance was given to them by the King for all their necessary uses.

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