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XXIII. Crassus having received their arms and hostages marhed into the territories of the Vocati and Sarusatie. The barbarians being them allarmed because they knew that a town fortified by art and by nature had been taken in a few days the began to send Embassadors to all parts to confederate, to give hostages to one another, and to prepare their forces; Ambassadors were also sent to the Cities ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] which are in the nearer [[unclear]] [[/underline]] [[/addition]] bordering upon Aquitain; auxiliaries and Generals were brought from thence; upon whose arrival they endeavoured to carry on the War with great authority and great Multitudes of [[unclear]]. Those were chosen who had served under Q. Sertorius for many years and who had the reputation of having the greatest knowledge in Millitary affairs. They resolved to seize proper posts to fortify the [[unclear]] to cut off our [[unclear]]