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2. [[deletion]] Antestines of [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Antisthenes [[/addition]] used to exhort his disciples to take the greatest care [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] about wisdom: but he obtain'd it only of few. [[deletion]] Therefore [[addition]] At last [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] At last out of indignation [[/underline]] [[/addition]] he dismissed them all [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] among whom was Diogenes. But when he, [[deletion]] was [[unclear]] for the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] inflamed with [[deletion]] a [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] a great desire of [[deletion]] the study [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] hearing the [[deletion]] t [[/deletion]] Philosophers [[deletion]] yet he [[/deletion]] came often to him [[deletion]] for the [[/deletion]] and stuck close to him; Antisthenes [[deletion]] sake of hearing him Antisthenes [[/deletion]] having threatn'd to [[deletion]] give [[/deletion]] [[addition]] strike [[/addition]] him [[deletion]] a slap of the face [[/deletion]] [[addition]] on the head with a stat which [[/addition]] he used to carry ^ [[addition]] in [[/addition]] his hand: and this not frightning him in the least he [[deletion]] sometimes [[/deletion]] [[addition]] actually [[/addition]] struck him [[deletion]] his turn. Because [[/deletion]]