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into Athens, it would be a capital crime. Then Euclid ^ [[addition]] of [[/addition]] Megara [[deletion]] an if [[/deletion]] who before this decree used to live at Athens and [[deletion]] used to [[/deletion]] [[addition]] to [[/addition]] hear Socrates, [[deletion]] he [[/deletion]] put on [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] a long Woman's Tunic covered with a [[deletion]] cloak [[/deletion]] ^ ^ [[addition]] cloke [[/addition]] of cha ^ [[addition]] n [[/addition]] geable colours, and having covered his head and Mouth went out of Megara in the night [[addition]] in order [[/addition]] to go to Athens that he might [[deletion]] [[unclear]] at [[/deletion]] [[addition]] sometimes at least [[/addition]] partake [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]] of the advice ^ [[addition]] and discourse [[/addition]] [[deletion]] reading [[/deletion]] of Socrates: and again returned home in the same covering at the br ^ [[addition]] e [[/addition]] ak [[deletion]] e [[/deletion]] of day [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] having [[/addition]] was [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] travelled many miles. [[/addition]] So ^ [[addition]] that [[/addition]] he [[deletion]] did [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] was [[/addition]] not [[deletion]] doubt but [[/deletion]] [[addition]] afraid to run the [[/addition]] [[deletion]] t he ran in [[/deletion]] [[addition]] risque of his life [[/addition]] [[deletion]] a great deal of danger [[/deletion]] for the sake of [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] acquiring [[/addition]] knowledge