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nobody ever saw him drunk, [[deletion]] nobody [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] nor [[/addition]] ever [[deletion]] apprehended him for [[/deletion]] [[addition]] discovered [[/addition]] any footsteps of lust. [[deletion]] unlawfull desire in his chamber [[/deletion]]. Qopirus who professed to know the manners and nature of men from their bodies, eyes, countenances, & foreheads, [[deletion]] he [[/deletion]] said in a great assembly that Socrates was a stupid and heavy fellow: he added also that he was addicted to women. upon which Alcibiades is said to have burst out into a horse laugh. Socrates did not deny that he had these vices by nature, but said, that they had been subdued by [[unclear]] And indeed vices may ar [[deletion]] r [[/deletion]] ise from natural causes: but

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