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battle and seemed [[deletion]] displeased to [[unclear]] among those [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] enraged at all [[/addition]] who had [[deletion]] [[unclear]] an [[/deletion]] [[addition]] taken up [[/addition]] arms against [[deletion]] them [[/deletion]] [[addition]] him [[/addition]] [[deletion]] Neither did they like [[/deletion]] nor did he only in Greece treat the [[deletion]] The [[/deletion]] temples [[deletion]] were not only [[/deletion]] [[addition]] as [[/addition]] sacred in Greece [[/deletion]] but also [[deletion]] among [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] ^ [[addition]] among the [[/addition]] barbarians ^ [[addition]] he [[/addition]] preserved the [[deletion]] m [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] Images and [[deletion]] H [[/deletion]] altars [[/underline]] [[/addition]] with the greatest religion [[deletion]] and all the [[unclear]] offerings altars [[/deletion]] So Alexander the Great, when he over [[deletion]] through [[/deletion]] [[addition]] threw [[/addition]] Thebes did not forgot piety towards the Gods. But took [[addition]] the greatest [[/addition]] care that the Temples of the Gods should not be violated. ^ [[addition]] [[deletion]] Also [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] the ^ [[addition]] Alliatick [[/addition]] expidition ^ [[addition]] when [[/addition]] he sought to punish the Persians, he abstained from ^ [[addition]] violating all those [[/addition]] [[deletion]] among [[unclear]] any [[/deletion]] places [[deletion]] that [[deletion]] [[unclear]] to the Gods [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[unclear]] delicate [[/addition]]