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that he might understand how insignificant human strength is when exerted against the Gods. On the contrary Agesilaus King of the Lacedamonians had great reverence for the temples. [[deletion]] The greatest praise [[/deletion]] [[addition]] The [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] highest recommendation [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] at [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] of [[/addition]] the victory obtained over the Athenians, and Baot ^ [[addition]] fans [[/addition]] at Coronea [[deletion]] because [[/deletion]] [[addition]] was, that [[/addition]] he preferred Religion to [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] with [[/deletion]] resentment [[/addition]] when [[deletion]] they [[/deletion]] [[addition]] many [[/addition]] had thrown themselves into the temple of Minerva as they were [[deletion]] upon the flight [[/deletion]] [[addition]] running away [[/addition]] and they [[deletion]] [[unclear]] of [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] asked [[/addition]] him [[deletion]] to tell him [[/deletion]] what he would do have [[deletion]] left [[/deletion]] [[addition]] done [[/addition]] with them ^ [[addition]] he answered that the place should not [[/addition]] be violated altho he had received some [[deletion]] were [[/deletion]] wounds in the