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he could not abstain [[deletion]] himself [[/deletion]] from robbing the [[deletion]] publick [[/deletion]] [[addition]] sacred things [[/addition]] and had plundered the treasury [[addition]] [[deletion]] some [[/deletion]] same [[/addition]] of [[deletion]] the [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Proserpine which Pirrhus had robbed before [[deletion]] and the [[/deletion]] and by a decree of the Senate a [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[unclear]] [[deletion]] Locran sent Ambassadors from the [[/deletion]] and Ambassadors we resent [[deletion]] by the [[/deletion]] to [[deletion]] Prator and Senatus [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] the Locri to whom it was given [[deletion]] they were chiefly sent that they [[/deletion]] in charge that they should take [[deletion]] might [[unclear]] that can [[/deletion]] particular care of Religion [[deletion]] might be [[unclear]] For all the Sacred money which was [[deletion]] among [[/deletion]] [[addition]] between [[/addition]] Pleminus and the Soldiers, they replaced [[deletion]] is the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] among [[/addition]] the treasures, [[addition]] of the Godess [[/addition]] with that [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] and [[/addition]] dulle ^ [[addition]] the sum [[/addition]] which [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[underline]] they had [[/underline]] [[/addition]] brought from Rome, and they made a sacrifice of [[deletion]] as the [[/deletion]]