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[[deletion]] who was [[/deletion]] [[addition]] This Young Man had [[/addition]] a poor old [[deletion]] Woman [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Mother [[/addition]] who among the rest of the Women stood on the top of a House looking down [[deletion]] at the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] upon them as they were [[/addition]] fighting she saw Pyrrhus running with all his force at the Author of the wound he had received; fearing for the life of her Son presently took up a tile and threw it with both her hands upon the Kings head. Pyrrhus by this wound was thrown from his horse and his head was cut off by Lapirus. [[deletion]] Long after that [[unclear]] Quintus Pleminius ^ [[addition]] who was [[/addition]] at the head of the [[/deletion]] Long after that, Quintus Pleminius who commanded the Roman Garison in the city of Locris, when