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pieces by a [[deletion]] great [[/deletion]] ^ ^ [[addition]] violent [[/addition]] storm and all the Ships which had the sacred money in them were cast [[deletion]] onto [[/deletion]] [[addition]] upon [[/addition]] the [[deletion]] port [[/deletion]] [[addition]] shore [[/addition]] of the Loen By which slaughter the King being taught [[deletion]] to never once the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] that there were [[/addition]] Gods, [[deletion]] he [[/deletion]] commanded that all the money that had been taken should be carried back into the Treasury of Proserpine. Neither did any thing ever happen favourable to him after this: for he was driven out of Italy, he died an ignoble death when he [[deletion]] had [[/deletion]] rashly [[deletion]] pearch'd [[/deletion]] [[addition]] went [[/addition]] in the night to Argos. He was first slightly wounded by a [[deletion]] by the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[underline]] with a lance [[/underline]] [[/addition]] young Man of Argos. [[deletion]] This [[unclear]] a Mother [[addition]] [[deletion]] young Man [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] [[/deletion]]