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with a [[deletion]] gard [[/deletion]] guard of Ships on to Delphos and then [[addition]] brought them [[/addition]] [[deletion]] let them [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] go are [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[deletion]] went [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] safe [[addition]] back [[/addition]] to Rome. The Senate afterwards [[deletion]] would give them [[/deletion]] [[addition]] sens'd to [[unclear]] an alliance [[/addition]] [[deletion]] an entertainment [[/deletion]] [[addition]] with them [[/addition]] and [[deletion]] publick [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] gifts were [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] gifts [[deletion]] and [[/deletion]] were publickly given to them. [[image]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] Religion is foretold to private [[/deletion]] The Religion of the Publick ought to be preferred to private concerns [[image]] When the Gauls hasten'd with fire and sword to [[addition]] destroy [[/addition]] Rome, and when there was no