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hope ^ [[addition]] left [[/addition]] of [[deletion]] saving [[/deletion]] ^ ^ ^ [[addition]] defending [[/addition]] the City; [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] many of the Romans slipp'd away through the fields, many went to the neighbouring Cities, and carried [[deletion]] with them [[/deletion]] all [[deletion]] that [[/deletion]] they had that was most precious with them [[deletion]] with pretious [[/deletion]] In the meantime the Vestal Virgins ^ [[addition]] careless of their own safety [[/addition]] having consulted which of the sacred things they should take with them, which they should leave because strength was wanting to carry them [[deletion]] they [[unclear]] that they could not [[unclear]] into all; they buried in sacred places [[/deletion]] all; they put those that they did not carry into litle Barrels and then [[deletion]] buried [[/deletion]] [[addition]] buried [[/addition]] then in sacred places the others were carried by them they divided the [[deletion]] e [[/deletion]] worck among one another they took the road which