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Youth behaved [[deletion]] themselves [[/deletion]] [[addition]] himself [[/addition]] to the admiration of the Citizens and enemies. A sacrifice was [[deletion]] resolved [[/deletion]] to be made [[deletion]] upon by [[/deletion]] [[addition]] to [[/addition]] the family of the Fabii upon the Quirinalian hill. To the performing of which, when C. Fabius Dorso carrying the sacred things in his hands came down from the Capitol; he passed through the middle of the Enemies army and [[deletion]] nobody either [[/deletion]] [[addition]] no being [[/addition]] moved [[deletion]] or spoke [[/deletion]] [[addition]] by the voices [[/addition]] [[deletion]] and so much less [[/deletion]] [[addition]] or threats of anyone [[/addition]] came to the -- Quirinalian hill. [[deletion]] their [[/deletion]] All things being, [[deletion]] ordinarily [[/deletion]] [[addition]] of which [[/addition]] finish'd he went back the same way which he [[deletion]] had [[/deletion]] c [[deletion]] o [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] a [[/addition]] me with the same contanance ^ [[addition]] and Gail [[addition]] hoping that Gods [[deletion]] would [[/deletion]]