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either of [[deletion]] gold [[/deletion]] [[addition]] word [[/addition]] or clay were regarded with honour untill the taking of Asia, from that time luxury and vice swarm'd about the [[deletion]] town [[/deletion]] [[addition]] city. [[/addition]] Alexander the great is said to have worship'd the Gods with magnificence from his Youth. [[deletion]] sometimes [[/deletion]] [[addition]] at a certain time [[/addition]] when he attended at the [[deletion]] at [[/deletion]] sacrifices he [[deletion]] would [[/deletion]] the [[deletion]] o [[/deletion]] [[addition]] e [[/addition]] with both his hands [[deletion]] frankensices [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Frankincense [[/addition]] into the fire; Leonidas as his master: said, so you ,, will burn [[deletion]] these things [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[unclear]] [[/addition]] when you ,, [[deletion]] will [[/deletion]] [[addition]] have [[/addition]] conquer'd those countries ,, where [[deletion]] for [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] see above [[/addition]] grow. For the ,, present use it sparingly. Afterwards having conquered Arabia which is the country [[catchword]] where [[/catchword]]