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he said that ^ [[addition]] it did not become [[/addition]] the Gods [[deletion]] did not like [[/deletion]] to voice more at great [[deletion]] or were not more joyous at great [[/deletion] sacrifices than at [[unclear]] all one's: because ^ [[addition]] as [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] wi [[deletion]] c [[/deletion]] ked men are often richer than [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] good [[deletion]] men [[/deletion]], in that case their sacrifices would be more acceptable. Therefore he thought those sacrifices and Gifts [[deletion]] the best [[/deletion]] most acceptable to the Gods which were offered by [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] men of the greatest piety. 2. The old Romans worship'd the Gods with more piety than magnificence, and appeas'd them the more effec [[deletion]] a [[/deletion]] t[[deletion]] ious [[/deletion]] [[addition]] al [[/addition]] ly the more simply they made sacrifices of their very good, [[deletion]] as [[/deletion]] [[addition]] either [[/addition]] of corn or of salt.