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2. Let no one thin [[deletion]] c [[/deletion]] k that he has gained anything if he has not a witness to his crime [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]] For he in whose sight we live knows all things. We [[deletion]] lay [[/deletion]] be open to God: let us approve ourselves to him. We ought to live as if ^ [[addition]] we [[/addition]] lived in the sight of every body; [[deletion]] it is to be thought [[/deletion]] [[addition]] we ought to think [[/addition]] as if [[deletion]] anyo [[/deletion]] [[addition]] we [[/addition]] could look into the deepest part of [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] our [[/addition]] breast. For what advantage is there in men's not seeing ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] what we do [[/underline]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] it [[/deletion]] ? [[deletion]] for [[/deletion]] nothing is shut up from God: he is present to our minds he comes between the middle of our [[deletion]] thinking; therefore [[/deletion]] [[addition]] thoughts; indeed he never [[/addition]] [[deletion]] nothing is done without his [[/deletion]] [[addition]] leaves us. [[/addition]]