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[[underline]] God governs and sees the whole [[/underline]] 1. The world is administerd by the providence of the Gods, and they consult human things [[addition]] affairs [[/addition]], not only [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] in general universal [[/addition]] but also [[deletion]] single [[/deletion]] [[addition]] in particular [[/addition]] . Let all men be persuaded of this, that the Gods are the Governors and Moderators of all things, and ^ [[addition]] the [[/addition]] those things ^ [[addition]] which [[/addition]] are carried on ^ [[deletion]] by their power [[/deletion]] [[addition]] in the world, are conducted [[/addition]] [[deletion]] and judgement: [[/deletion]] [[addition]] by their power + wisdom [[/addition]] that they look down and observe, ^ [[addition]] with [[/addition]] what mind every one has [[addition]] acts [[/addition]] , and take account of the pious and impious. If the minds, * of men, were imbued with this opinion the fear of a divine punishment [[underline]] would recall many from wickedness [[/underline]] the english language not being so short. as the last one. I have thought [[unclear]] this place to at last