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[[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] free, seperate from matter, knowing and moving all things. [[deletion]] 4. How [[unclear]] we and [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] 4. How can we otherwise understand the Supreme [[deletion]] is a [[unclear]] has [[/deletion]] being than by considering him as [[deletion]] [[unclear]] ? nature which gives the notion [[/deletion]] eternal . The same light nature which [[deletion]] of God to us, also [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] has afforded us the notion that there are [[deletion]] Gods. he ads, that we [[unclear]] him [[/deletion]] Gods has likewise [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] graven in [[underline]] eternal and happy [[/underline]] [[deletion]] our minds the belief that they are ask'd what God, ^ [[addition]] was [[/addition]] said, that which Thales being ^ has no beginning nor end. 5 There is nothing that God cannot do and without any labour to himself. For as the [[deletion]] bands [[/deletion]] [[addition]] members [[/addition]] of mean ^ [[addition]] are [[/addition]] moved ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] by the derection of [[/underline]] [[/addition]] the mind [[deletion]] itself [[/deletion]] and [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] will, without and contention. [[deletion]] so all these Things, [[/deletion]] so all these things can be effected, moved, and changed by the [[deletion]] Supreme [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] being. [[/deletion]] by the power of the Gods. [[deletion]] Whosoever avoids you, you will [[/deletion]] 6. Which way soever you turn yourself [[deletion]] have [[unclear]] God comming towards you [[/deletion]] You will meet God.