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(3) the nature of God, were different and they disagreed about it among themselves; which would be long and difficult to [[deletion]] sum up [[/deletion]] [[addition]] reckon up [[/addition]]. They understand by ^ [[addition]] the light [[/addition]] nature that [[addition]] there is a [[/addition]] God [[deletion]] is the commander [[/deletion]]; but they [[addition]] could not [[/addition]] [[deletion]] cannot [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] accord [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] agree [[/addition]] among themselves what God [[addition]] was. [[/addition]] [[deletion]] is [[/deletion]] Therefore when the tyrant Hiero ask'd [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] Simonides who was not only a sweet poet, but also a learned and wise man, what God was; he required one day to consider, when [[addition]] he was [[/addition]] [[deletion]] the [/deletion]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] day he ask'd for two days [[/deletion]] ask'd the same question the day after he required two das more, and afterwards often doubled the number. [[deletion]] of days [[/deletion]] Hiero being astonish'd ask'd him why he did so: he say'd, because the [[addition]] question [[/addition]] [[deletion]] thing [[/deletion]] seem'd more obscure to him the more [[deletion]] that H [[/deletion]] [[addition]] he [[/addition]] consider'd [[deletion]] about [[/deletion]] it.