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(2) that there must be certainly one at the head, [[deletion]] and [[/deletion]] who is obey;d: so if any one will consider the certain and perpetual movements and changes of all the celestial bodies, [[deletion]] it is necessary [[/deletion]] [[addition]] he will necessarily confess [[/addition]] that [[deletion]] it should [[/deletion]] [[addition]] they must all [[/addition]] be governed by some mind. But [[addition]] since [[/addition]] neither the mind nor [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] power of man [[deletion]] caused [[/deletion]] [[addition]] can effect [[/addition]] [[deletion]] to it [[/deletion]] [[addition]] this, [[/addition]] ^ God alone ^ [[addition]] can [[/addition]] [[deletion]] could [[/deletion]] only be the Architect and [[deletion]] builder [[/deletion]] Governor of so great a work and gift. [[image]] The nature of God [[underline]] is the best and most excellent [[/underline]] 1. The op[[deletion]] p [[/deletion]]inions of the old Philosophers concerning