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(1) We know God by his works 1. Who is so foolish [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] when he ^ [[addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] looked up to heaven [[deletion]] and [[/deletion]] [[unclear]] ^ [[addition]] as [[/addition]] of [[addition]] to [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] perceive that there is a God? The beauty of the world, the order of all celestial [[deletion]] [[underline]] things [[/underline]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[underline]] Bodies [[/underline]] [[/addition]], the revolutions of the Sun, Moon, and all the Stars, discover enough by their own appearance that they could not happen by chance, and force us to confess that [[deletion]] nature [[/deletion]] [[addition]] there [[/addition]] is an excellent and eternal ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] nature [[/underline]] which [[/addition]] ought to be admired by mankind. 2. As [[deletion]] if [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] when [[/underline]] [[/addition]] any one [[deletion]] would [[/deletion]] comes into a Temple on [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Scool for exercises [[deletion]] any Building or University [[/deletion]] and sees [[addition]] there [[/addition]] order, discipline, and the distinction of all things, [[deletion]] any [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] he can not [[unclear]] understand