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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Permano, avi, are_ To flow through Inhaereo, si, ēre_ To stick Viscera, um_ The bowels Evello, ulsi, ĕre_ To pluck out Sero_ Late Lucrum, i_ Gain Demo, epsi, ĕre_ To pluck out Curia,ae_ A court Altius_ Deeper, higher [[note]] 10 [[/note]] Insideo, i, ēre_ To fix in Discors [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] is_ Disagreeing Suspicio, xi, ire_ To look up to, admire Intumesco, ui, ĕre_ To swell Jaceo, ui,ēre_ To lie Calleo, ui, ēre_ To know well to ^ [[addition]] be [[/addition]] skill'd Flagilium, i_ A crime, base action Lethum,i_ Death