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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Hospitio excipȇre_ To entertain at one's house Propero, avi, are_ To hasten do quickly Egeo, ui, ēre_ To want Sitis, is_ Thirst, Dry Adipiscor, eptus, is[[addition]]c[[/addition]]i_ To obain, get, acquire Dispensator, oris_ A Steward [[deletion]] [[note]] 20 [[/note]] [[/deletion]] Fungi ^ [[addition]] eodem [[/addition]] menisterio_ To discharge the same office [[note]] 20 [[/note]] Consenesco, ui, ȇre_ To grow old Mitigo, avi, are_ To tame Rugitus, ûs_ The roaring of a Lion Juba, ae_ A Mane of a Horse or any other quadruped beast Sensim_ Slowly, by degrees