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[[image]] Quid multa?_ In short? [[note]] 10 [[/note]] Constat_ It is plain: Propemodum_ Almost Pracordia,ae_ The h^[[addition]] e [[/addition]] art, Soul Sera, ae_ A bolt, lock Orbitas, atis_ Fatherless Congero, gessi, ĕre_ To heap up Memoria complecti_ To remember Fax, acis_ A torch light [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [/deletion]] [[addition]] flambeau [[/addition]] Partus, a um_ Acquired Spargo, ssi, ĕre_ To spread, scatter [[note]] 20 [[/note]] Jactura, ae_ A loss, damage Capto, avi, are_ To covet seek Viscatus, aum_ {Covered with {Birdlime Hamus, i_ A Hook