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[[deletion]] Latin [[/deletion]] [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Devincio, xi, ire_ To bind Fasciculus, i_ A little bundle Hastile, is_ A pike, dart Solvo, i, ĕre_ To loosen Hercisco, ĕre_ {To divide or {part an estate {between heir. Largior, itus sum, iri_ {To give {liberally Lenco, ivi, ire_ To soften Mancipium, i_ A Slave Velut_ As [[note]] 10 [[/note]] Fidus, a um_ Trusty Convicium,i_ Reproach Accipiter, tris_ Hawk Pulla vestis_ Mourning Regia, ae_ A palace Gesto, avi, are_ {To bea[r] {wear