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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Orbus, a um_ Depriv'd of Calceo, avi, are} {To put on one's vell Calcio, avi, are_} {shoes Conduco, xi, ĕre_ To hire Exilio, ui, ire_ To leap forth Refocillatus, a,um Refresh'd Pugio, onis_ A dagger Cinis, eris_ Ashes Contundo, I, ĕre_ To bruise Saltem_ A leap [[unclear]] Contabesco, ui, ĕre_ To pine away Discerpo, psi, ĕre_ {To rend, {tear asunder Mus, muris_ A mouse Leto dare_ To kill [[unclear]] Morsus, us_ A bite [[note]] 10 [[/note]] Foetus, us_ Offspring Certatim_ {Striving to {out-do one {another