Notes on "Horse-hoeing husbandry: or, An essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage"

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[[underlined]] In the Old Way [[/underlined]] £ S. First Year for Wheat cost -- 33-5-0. Second year for Barley costs ___ [[underlined]] 11-6-8 [[/underlined]] Third and Fourth Years lying in Grafs, cost nothing: So that the Expense of ten Acres in four Years comes to £44-11s.-8d. and in twenty years. [[underlined]] 222-18-4. [[/underlined]] First years produce in half a Load of Wheat at £7.p. Acre 35-0-0. Second Year's produce is two quarters of Barley at £1.p. Acre 20-0-0. Third and Fourth Years Grafs at £1-10s. p. Acre [[underlined]] 15-0-0 [[/underlined]] 70-0-0. and in twenty Years - - - - 350-0-0. Deduct the expense [[underlined]] 222-18-4 [[/underlined]] Remains 127-1-8 [[underlined]] In the New Way [[/underlined]] First year extraordinary Expense - £22-0s.-0d Annal Charge on ten Acres £13-15s-10d. and in twenty years --- [[underlined]] 275-16-8 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] 297-16-8 [[/underlined]] The Yearly profit is at least two quarters of Wheat per Acre at £1-[[unclear]]s. p. quartes which upon ten Acres is twenty Years amounts to 560-0-0 Deduct the expense [[underlined]] 297-16-8 [[/underlined]] Remains 262-3-4