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4 on them, and let any intelligent person make the comparison between the profit and that of three years sheep feed; it will be found to bear none. But then comes the manifest superiority; by introducing these crops in regular courses of husbandry, they excellently well prepare the ground for artificial grasses sown with the spring corn, and without running after burnet or other newly discovered plants, I may asset that a judicious farmer by means of clover and ray grass will maintain nearly as many sheep on three hundred acres thus managed, as before require a thousand. Though this seems conclusive yet these are other points to be considered, for besides the superiority of the produce when thus improved un grain we are to consider that this will employ more hands. There stated the improvements are commonly managed; but the practice of some small tracts of Country is I am persuaded of more private and public advantage in yielding a greater produce and employing more husbandry hands. It consists in letting the clover only remain one year on the ground, adding to the other crops carrots, and so in five years reaping rye, barley, carrots, [[catchword]] turneps [[/catchword]]