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2. those that employ foreign materials. That our agriculture is not at that point of perfection to which it is capable of attaining is apparent by a transient view of the best cultivated Counties. England contains about thirty four millions of acres, I have little doubt but fifteen of them are waste and uncultivated, that is are unimproved Woods, Downs, and Commons; is it not therefore worthy of attention whether all the hands employed in manufactures to the amount of those necessary for cultivating those wastes, are not employed to the detriment of the State, provided they would otherwise be employed in the purposes of such cultivation. As to the difference between land employed in the feeding of Sheep or raising cultivated vegetables it is so important a point that I shall explain it as clearly as I am able. There are very few Sheep walks that have not under the surface a stratum of marle, chalk, or clay, and that such manures and spread on the surface become [[catchword]] a [[/catchword]]