Letter from Rear-Adm. Sir Samuel Hood to General Jacob de Budé reporting on the state of the British fleet, the movements and likely intentions of the French and Spanish in the West Indies, and his fears that the French may intend to send ships and troops to America; and partial duplicate [0672a], which is dated 9 March and has some text missing.

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Mathews says, he has no troops to garrison Brimstone hill, could it be retaken; which in my humble opinion is impossible, without a considerable body of Troops well furnished, with all necessary materials for a siege While the Barfleur lay at the Cue - De Sac I had the honor of breakfasting with General Mathews, at General St. Legers upon Morne Fortunee and yesterday I mett him on board the Formidable but nothing passed in my hearing upon business of any sort, and I had but a few minutes private conversation with him —He returned to the Morne with General St. Leger in the evening, and as I expect to be at Sea soon, I shall not probably have an opportunity of seeing him for some time, but as often as one offers, I shall eagerly cultivate his confidence & friendship, and endeavour to deserve it. I rejoice most exceedingly you have such pleasant accounts from Prince William, God grant You may continue to receive them! A more Amiable and engaging youth never was born, than His [[catchword]] Royal [[/catchword]]

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