Letter to unidentified correspondent

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Letter to unidentified correspondent

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18 October 1800


Charlotte, Queen Consort to George III


the Place you solicit for Mr Douglas was disposed of in less than an Hour after I had informed the Kg of the Death of the ever regretted Mr Smelt...you may perhaps be desirous to know who suceeds in the deputy Rangership of Richmond, it is a Person You are well acquainted with & one who is known to the Kg & now again in His Family namely Mr Robert Grevill, & as the Parch is so much frequenty by the Kg & so many works going on there we were all greatly rejoiced at seing a Sucessor to Mr Smelt, who is Personally known to all the Family' Enquires after his health: '& hope both to hear of You & to see You better in the Winter than you were when You quitted London' Signed and dated at Weymouth