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63. the Crown & People against the power of the Clergy. These were the antient Customs handed down by tradition, & constant usage, for the first time put into writing; the assassination of this Proud Ecclesiastick was attended however with great infamy to the King & People; the Papal power got great accessions, & the thunder of excommunication forc'd the King to the most Shameful penance, part of which was receiving stripes from the Monks his own Subjects, at the Tomb of the Canoniz'd Rebel. [[deletion]] Hereafter Henry's Reign [[/deletion]] Becket's death did not restore tranquility to Henry of long duration His own Children prov'd the bane of the remainder of His life' He had caus'd [[note]] + 1170. [[/note]] His eldest Son Henry to be [[note]] + [[/note]] Crown'd & yet He with of His Brothers form'd in consent with the Queen a conspiracy against His Father on account of