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61. Henry II. Henry came to the Crown with all the advantages of birth & Character, His two first actions rais'd him immensely with the people, the first was dismissing all Foreigners, the Second was the choise of His Council that He compos'd of Men of Experience, Wisdom & Virtue, the next thing He did was to appoint Justices all over the Kingdom whose conduct He examin'd Himself in the various progresses He made through the Country; this produced a total change, repeopl'd the Villages, & restor'd the face of Plenty in every County; Henry Summon'd a Council upon the birth of His Second Son Henry, by His Wife Eleanor Heiress of Guienne and Poiton, ^ [[addition]] to whom [[/addition]] [[deletion]] who [[/deletion]] [[addition]] He [[/addition]] had been marry'd just before He came to England nothwithstanding She was divorc'd from Lewis VII of France; the Are lates & Nobility assembl'd in Council, took an Oath of allegiance to Him, His Eldest Son