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59. ratify'd in a great Assembly of the Prelates & Nobility summon'd to Winchester by Stephen & Henry; Here it was settl'd that Stephen should possess the Crown during life, but after His demise Henry was to Succeed, & Stephen's Sons retain the patrimony of their Father before He mounted the Throne; to this were added two very necessary Articles, the first that all Lands usurp'd in the time of trouble Should be restor'd to their owners, the other that the Castles erected during the Reign of Stephen amounting to 126. were to be dimolish'd; Stephen dy'd at the end of the following Year, Soon after He had form'd a Conspiracy to destroy Henry that miscarry'd, by His Son William's falling from His Horse when it was on the point of execution This Prince was brave & active, but weak, rash, & suspicious, tho' He lov'd War