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58. of the Nobility at a time when He stood in the greatest need of their assistance against a powerful competitor; what considerably added to the strength of Maud's party, was the arrival of Her Son Henry, who remain'd four Years in England under the tutelage of the Earl of Glocester; Stephen allarm'd at the reputation of this Young Prince, attempted to have His Son Eustace declar'd His Successor, to this the Lay Nobility consented, but the Bishops absolutely refus'd to Crown Him; [[addition]] +1153. [[/addition]] The following ^ [[addition]] Year + [[/addition]] Prince Henry after having being put in possession of Normandy by His Father Geoffry, repair'd to England with a small force, but was soon join'd by most of the Nobility; Stephen with a Superior army advanc'd to meet Him, but by the intercession of Williams Earl of Asundel & others a Treaty was agreed upon & afterwards