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56. for wherever any of these were refus'd any favour they ask'd, they immediately repair'd to their forts, plunder'd the Country round about, & bid defiance to the King; this oblig'd Stephen to be forever marching from one castle to another, & often for want of power to reduce them, He was forc'd to grant Such terms, that remedy often prov'd worse than the remedy itself. This forc'd Him at last to the most arbitrary proceedings, for whenever He suspected any person, He seiz'd them even at His own Table, & so oblig'd them to redeem their liberty by delivering up their Forts; [[deletion]] these [[/deletion]] These Acts of Power banish'd every one from Court & so alientated the Minds of the People, that the generality of them were inclin'd to Maud & accordingly Robert Earl of Glocester, ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] the Empresses bastard brother [[/underline]] [[/addition]] & Ralph Earl of Chester gathering