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55. remov'd, by Hugh Biggot Steward to the late King taking a Solemn Oath that Henry had on His deathbed disinherited His Daughter & made Stephen His Heir. The poor Old Primate acted Honestly in this, for when He came to discover the imposition He died of a broken heart; no sooner was Stephen Seated on the throne, than He took every method of Securing possession, by granting honours, lands & c. & even weakly permitted all the Nobility & Military tenants to fortify their castles, He emply'd the late King's Treasures to raise an Army of Flemings, not chusing to trust His Cause to the English. His first troubles begun in Normandy, where He prov'd unsuccessful against Maud's party; this follow'd by many insurrections all over England, & now the fatal consequences appear'd of His having permitted to build Castles