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54. [[underline]] Stephen. [[/underline]] We have seen in the former Reign the care Henry took to have His Daughter acknowledg'd as His Successors, but His lavish profusion to His favourites Counteracted His own plan; Stephen of Blois Son to His Sister Adela was one [[deletion]] of the Most favour'd in His [[/deletion]] [[addition]] whom He had rais'd to so great a height [[deletion]] Reign [[/deletion]] that at the King's death He saw the Crown within His reach, Marry'd to the [[unclear]] of Boulogne, by whom He had also a great Estate in England, added to Coutance in Normandy, & the great possessions given Him by Henry, He found Himself in a Situation to lay claim to the Diadem, & accordingly repairing to England, He no Sooner came to London, than He was Saluted King by the People; William Archbishop of Canterbury made indeed some Scruple of Crowning Him, but that was Soon