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52. attended with great Learning, & was reckon'd the most political Monarch of His age; He had great courage & valour, yet avoided War as much as possible, but when absolutely necessary, He prosecuted it with ^ [[addition]] the [[/addition]] greatest resolution, Severe in the execution of Justice, & most assiduous in searching out Offenders whom He never pardon'd; thus far is the favourable part of His Character, where there appears some Virtues, but greatly over ballanc'd by Vice; for we find Him painted Cruel, Wanton, & Avaricious to great excesses, impatient of Injurys, immoderate in retalliating them, while ^ [[addition]] on the [[/addition]] other Side He carry'd His Friendship so high, that to Support any one person He took a liking to, He ruine'd thousands; fond of Hunting to a Crime, for He made no distinction between Killing a Man or a Deer; tho' born in England He Still inherited the hatred & contempt of His Predecessors against