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50. But this Treaty was Shamefully kept by Henry, who confiscated the Estates of all persons He suspected of being in the interest of His Brother, & endeavour'd during His whole Reign to ruin the Nobility, & three Years after He invaded Normandy, took His Brother Prisoner, & carrying Him over to England Shut Him up in a Dungeon in Wales, where He liv'd till 1134. most barbarous treatment of a Brother who was by His temper incapable of treating any one with the smallest Severity. As it is not our purpose to enter into every Minute or foreign transaction, we shall pass over the rest of Henry's Reign, taking notice of one Shameful concession to the See of Rome. Anselm during this whole Reign had been a Jealous [[deletion]] supporter [[/deletion]] [[addition]] partizan of the Popal power; amongst the many disputes He fomented on this account, He held a Slavish Doctrine that no [[addition]] Royal [[/addition]] investure