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49. of Durham (the Author of all the exactions in the East Reign) in the Tower. The next political Step taken by this Prince was His Marrying Maud Neice to Edgar Athelin a thing highly agreable to the People as it brought back again the Saxons Line; These precautions were all necessary, for His Brother Robert the following Year invaded [[addition]] 1101. [[/addition]] England with a great Army; Henry took the field against Him, & the two Corps remain'd in presence of one another for Some days, when Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury mediated a Peace between the two Brothers, by which Robert quited His Claim to England, on Henry's paying Him 3000. Marks a Year, & giving up to Him every thing He possess'd in Normandy, with a particular clause that the adherents of both partys should be restor'd to their Estates and honours.